Thursday, October 25, 2012

Network Capital Funding Corporation: Running business for homeowners

Recently, the Orange County Business Journal and Best Companies Group recognized Network Capital Funding Corporation for its reliability and efficiency.

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The former bookmarks the Best Places to Work in Orange County, among which places the direct home lender Network Capital. The recognition may be seen by the company as a heavyweight nod to its netted organizational output since the beginning. But with or without it, it would seem that the lending firm will just keep at its daily grind of doing business for clients.  

The operation
The Network Capital brand of loan process meshes the impersonality of technology and the consumer insight of its loan specialists. The home loan delivery platform bundles the software ingenuity of Oracle, Redhat, Microsoft, and Cisco in an electronic solution to closing documents. Through this, clients can carry out related paperwork anywhere in the country.

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Prior to closing, Network Capital Funding Corporation works like a sophisticated assembly line, lining up customers for a home loan, and personalizing their purchase by mixing the right elements in a deal. That transaction ends if, and only if, mortgages and such bear the stamp on the lendee’s end of agreement, a heavier nod to the enterprise.

Network Capital Funding Corporation. Image credit:

Network Capital Funding Corporation has been chosen as one of the best places to work with because its employers exude a sense of ownership of their clients’ business and their employer’s operations. Employee fact-checks and customer feedback are also valid metrics exposing a well-oiled lending machine.  

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